• 1469 Pacific

    1469 Pacific Avenue

    San Francisco, California

Located in a dense block of Russian Hill, the proposed project will replace an existing low-rise commercial building with a four story, 9 unit condominium building. Required open space for the project is provided by a sunny, south facing garden located on the roof of the parking garage. The garden offers a variety of seating and activity areas, to allow residents to enjoy the space individually, in small groups or for building events. Proposed amenities include a fire table, BBQ and outdoor kitchen. An evergreen shade tree anchors the corner of the space and screens views to an adjacent building. A row of palm trees defines the south edge of the space while flowering accent trees in planter pots subdivide the terrace. Groundcover and lawn provide planting at ground level and, along with permeable pavers, aid in stormwater management. The garden is enclosed by a 6’ high privacy wall with evergreen shrubs and groundcover planted at its base.